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Dons blame Reviewed entry grade for universities cash crisis

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Dons blame Reviewed entry grade for universities cash crisis

Dons blame Reviewed entry grade for universities cash crisis
University lecturers now blame the institutions’ financial woes on the lower aggregate grade for admission.
The total number of points required to qualify for the joint admission board program was reduced in 2016.
Previously, students with a minimum grade of B- (girls) or B plain (boys) qualified for a government-sponsored spot in university.
The remaining students would be enrolled as self-sponsored students by universities.
Since the implementation of this change, students with a grade of C+ are now eligible for government-sponsored programs.
A self-sponsored student pursuing a degree in journalism at Multimedia University, for example, pays at least Sh160,000 per year.
A government-sponsored student at the same institution pursuing the same course pays at least Sh32,000 per year.
Another self-sponsored student pursuing a degree in education at the University of Eldoret pays Sh120,000 per year.
Government-sponsored students pursuing the same course parts with a yearly salary of at least Sh30,000.
This action has tampered with university funds, which were heavily reliant on self-sponsored students’ school fees.
According to UASU Organizing Secretary Onesmus Mutio, it is one of the many factors contributing to the financial crisis in public universities.
During an interview with a local radio station, Mutio stated that most public universities rely on self-sponsored students for funding.
SSP students pay higher fees than government-sponsored students, so universities have less money to rely on right now according to Mutio.
Private universities petitioned Parliament to change the admission requirements for state-sponsored universities.
They wanted the current model, which allows students with C+ (plus) grades and above to gain admission, to be scrapped.
Mutio also pointed out that private universities receiving government funding for JAB students had an impact on what public universities received.
Another factor influencing public university funding is the admission of government-sponsored students to private universities. “Those funds should be channelled to public institutions and not private,” he added.
Paul Mbatia, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Multimedia University, also stated that the C+ entry grade altered the financial dynamics in institutions.
Mbatia also noted that the prioritization of students’ enrollment in TVETs and colleges has resulted in a decrease in enrolment in universities.
“Other Form 4 leavers also join TVETs and this has depressed the number of students joining the university in parallel programmes,” he added.
He advocated for increased state funding to help state-owned enterprises pay off their debts.
“We struggle to sustain students. By the end of the year we always have accumulated debts,” he said.
Following a directive from President Uhuru Kenyatta, the Education Ministry began admitting government-sponsored students to private universities in 2016.
However, the program is now facing opposition from a group of university stakeholders who want it to be suspended.
In 2014, the introduction of government-sponsored students to private universities was proposed for the first time.
The initiative aimed to reform the university sector’s financially troubled financial situation.
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Private institutions receive only 6% of the funds (Sh2.4 billion), while public universities receive 94% of the funds (Sh41 billion.)
Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani stated that the state will no longer continue to fund universities to the tune they desire.
Dons blame Reviewed entry grade for universities cash crisis

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