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CBC Exams To Be Marked Electronically

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CBC Exams To Be Marked Electronically

CBC Exams To Be Marked Electronically

The government will save billions of shillings for printing, administering, and grading examinations.

This is a result of the Kenya National Examination Council’s procurement of Optical Mark Recognition in 2021, which enabled automated scoring of the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education.

As was customary with the former Kenya Certificate for Primary Education, teachers no longer have the opportunity to grade the final national examination for primary school students.

According to the Kenya National Examination Council, the next Kenya Primary School Education Assessment national examination for the Competency-Based Curriculum will consist solely of multiple-choice questions that can be quickly graded using the new technology; instructors will not be contacted.

Ann Ngatia, the coordinator of the KNEC CBC, said that the machine grades the candidates’ work by scanning their answer sheets.

These machines utilize a dedicated scanning device that projects a light beam onto the candidate’s paper.

The difference between reflections at specified places on a page is then utilized to detect marked areas, which reflect less light than unmarked parts.

In stark contrast to previous years, when marking took hours, these new computers marked candidate scripts in batches of 100 and 200 sheets, requiring the least time.

The first CBC classrooms in Grades 3, 4, 5, and 6 began taking the School-Based Assessment exam last week.

In these evaluations, KNEC solely provides online versions that schools can download and print to give students a taste of the national test.

In addition to grading, scoring, recording, and inputting the final grades online with the national exam administration, teachers in their schools perform these tasks without further compensation.

Grade six students will sit for their final test starting November 28.


On November 25, there will be a dress rehearsal, and on November 28, there will be exams in mathematics and English.

On November 29, students will take the Integrated Science and Kiswahili exams, followed by Creative Arts and Social Studies.

CBC Exams To Be Marked Electronically

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