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Best Grade E Courses In Kenya, Where To Enroll

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Best Grade E Courses In Kenya, Where To Enroll.If you receive an E, you may be denied admission as a government-sponsored student to a Kenyan higher learning institution. However, students do not have to give up hope because there are grade E courses in Kenya that you can pursue and have a successful life. Furthermore, you can always advance your education gradually until you reach the highest level.A KCSE grade should never be an impediment to achieving success in life. If you find the right course and put your heart and soul into it, you will find it easy to find fulfillment in realizing your dreams. The following are some of the best E-courses in Kenya that you should take this year. Best grade E courses in Kenya – Artisan in General Agriculture One of the most marketable grade E courses is Artisan in General Agriculture. The program is available at the following institutions:- Bahati Institute of Business and Administration Studies – Endebess Tech. – Sang’alo Institute of Science and Technology – Koshin Tech. – Kaiboi Tech. – Mawego Tech. The course will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to work in any agricultural firm or related industry. It will also provide the necessary competencies for operating and supervising agricultural production processes in a safe manner.2. Artisan in Welding and Fabrication You can start a small scale craft workshop in your area with this certificate. You can also find work in top bus companies that make car bodies.The course is available in the following institutions across the country:- Konoin Tech. – Kipkabus Tech. and Vocational College – Bureti Tech. Institute – Mandera Tech. Institute – Endebess Tech. – Masai Tech. Institute – Kaiboi Tech. Mawego Tech. – Mathira Tech. and Vocational College – Kisiwa Tech. Institute – Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology – Certificate in Hairdressing and Beauty One of the best courses for grade E students is hairdressing and beauty. It is available at the following educational and vocational institutions:- Mathira Tech. and Vocational College – Godoma Tech. – Kiirua Tech. – Sang’alo Institute of Science and Technology- Kisii National Polytechnic – Mathenge Tech. – Meru National Polytechnic – Gitwebe Tech. – Training Institute Mathioya Tech- Okame Tech. and Vocational College – Vocational College After completing this course, you will be able to start your own hairdressing business or work in top beauty salons in major cities.- Artisan in Information Communication Technology (ICT) In this digital age, taking an ICT course is one of the best decisions you can make. It will teach you how to design various ICT solutions. This artisan course is available in the following languages:- Kiirua Technical Training Institute- Mawego Technical Training InstituteWith this course, you can become a technical support professional, mobile app developer, web designer, database analyst, or computer programmer.- Artisan in Food and Beverage production, service, and sales This one-and-a-half-year program covers food, beverage, service, and sales techniques. It is available at the following institutions:- Konoin Tech. – Kenya Coast Polytechnic Muraga – St Joseph’s Technical Institute (Nyang’oma for The Deaf) – Mawego Tech. – Michuki Tech. – Weru Technical and Vocational College – Technical and Vocational College – Bahati Institute of Business and Administration Studies – Kisiwa Tech. – Coast Institute of Technology – Butere Tech. and Vocational College – Masai Tech. – Sang’alo institute of Science and Technology You will learn how to recognize and respond to a variety of customer exceptions, as well as food hygiene and safe working techniques. This certification will help you advance your career as a caterer, culinary director, head chef, waiter, or bartender. Electrical Wireman is one of Kenya’s best E certificate courses. It is available at the following colleges:- Taveta Technical and Vocational College is a technical and vocational college located in Taveta. – Maasai Mara Technical and Vocational College – Kapcherop Technical and Vocational CollegeThe program will teach you highly sought-after skills in domestic wiring and other electrical-related fields. The course will also prepare you for additional electrical training.7. Artisan in Electrical EngineeringThe Artisan in Electrical Engineering program will help you hone your electronic and electrical engineering skills. It will also provide you with marketable skills in the electronic and electrical fields. The course is available at:- Kiirua Tech. – Endebess Tech. – Musakasa Tech. After graduation, you will be able to work in a variety of companies that deal with lighting, wiring, satellite communications, household appliances, and power transmission.- Artisan in Automotive Engineering Automotive Engineering is another excellent grade E course in the country. It combines software, mechanical, electronic, and safety elements used in vehicle manufacturing. The program is available at the following colleges and universities:- Weru Tech. and Vocational College – North Eastern Province – Tharaka Tech. and Vocational College – Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology – Kiirua Tech. Training Institute – National Polytechnic – Endebess Tech. Training Institute – Ndia Tech. and Vocational College – Maasai Mara Tech. Vocational College – Butere Tech. and Vocational College After graduation, you can start your own car repair business. Top garages and assembling companies in Kenya may also hire you.- Artisan in Fashion Design and Garment Making Do you want to work in the field of fashion design? If you answered yes, then this is the course for you. It is available at the following institutions:- Bushiangala Tech. Training Institute – Mukiria Tech. Training Institute – St Joseph’s Tech. Institute for The Deaf- Sikri Tech. Training Institute for The Blind and Deaf – Kisii National Polytechnic – Kisiwa Tech.Training Institute – Sang’alo Institute of Science and Technology – Mathenge Tech. Training Institute – Nyang’oma Kiirua Tech. Training Institute – Michuki Tech.Training Institute – Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology You can explore opportunities in the design and garment-making industries with this course. After graduation, you can start your own design company or collaborate with other reputable designers. Sample maker, garment cutter, garment maker, and fashion design are all possible careers in this field.- Artisan in Building Construction Technology Building Construction Technology trains you in the management and technology aspects of the construction industry. The following institutions offer the course:- Koshin Tech.- Weru Tech. College  – Mawego Tech. – Endebess Tech. – Masai Tech. – Kisiwa Tech. – Butere Tech. – Kiirua Tech.   – Runyenjes Tech. College – Kaiboi Tech. – Moiben Tech.- Ndia Tech. – Muraga Tech. – Gitwebe Tech.ALSO READ:After graduation, you can work in construction companies. You can also find work on any construction site. The above-grade E courses in Kenya demonstrate that there is no such thing as a useless KCSE grading. If you choose your course wisely, you can be a successful scholar with the grade.Best Grade E Courses In Kenya, Where To Enroll

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