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Belio Kipsang Explains New KCSE Grading System

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Belio Kipsang Explains New KCSE Grading System

The Principal Secretary of Basic Education, Belio Kipsang, has described the new Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) classification system.

Kipsang stated during a Monday event of the Presidential Working Group on Education Reforms (PWPER) that the new grading system will focus on five basic subjects pertinent to a student’s specialization.

The system, he added, will emphasize a student’s literacy and numeracy skills.

The cluster will consist of the five subjects, in contrast to the current cluster calculation that considers all subjects pursued by a student.

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The PS emphasized that they should not prevent a student with the ability and interest in medicine or engineering from qualifying for these courses just because a subject that contributed to their overall Mean Grade had a negative impact.

The new change aligned with the task force’s recommendation to modify the grading system of national examinations.

According to Kipsang, the current grading system was designed for certification and may have placed students pursuing specialized careers at a disadvantage.

The PS also said that the current education policy extends beyond the sole objective of ensuring universal school attendance.

It is equally important, if not more important, that all children, regardless of social background, physical condition, or mental condition, have optimal learning experiences.

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In the recommendations of the CBC taskforce, the team urged President William Ruto to eliminate the categorization of secondary schools.

Instead, the task force advocated the classification of secondary schools according to the learners’ career paths. Thus, students would select schools based on the subjects available and their desired vocations.

The Working Group, under Raphael Munavu’s direction, also suggested renaming the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) to the Kenya National Assessment Council (KNAC).

The Raphael Munavu-led team suggested that the Ministry shift its emphasis from mandatory subjects to electives, allowing students to choose subjects that interest them, in order to ensure quality.

Currently, Junior High School students are expected to pursue fourteen subjects.

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Belio Kipsang Explains New KCSE Grading System

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