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2024 KNEC Agriculture Project for KCSE: Milestone I, Milestone II

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2024 KNEC Agriculture Project for KCSE: Milestone I, Milestone II

For the upcoming KCSE examination in the year 2024, schools presenting candidates for Agriculture (443) are required to produce sufficient copies of this document. One copy is designated for the Head teacher, and the others are intended for the Agriculture teacher and the candidates.

The Head teacher and the Agriculture teacher should thoroughly read and understand the document. Subsequently, relevant information should be communicated promptly to the candidates to facilitate the timely execution of the project.

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The Agriculture Teacher will be responsible for evaluating all candidates’ projects. These projects should be made accessible to authorized KNEC monitoring agents.

General Instructions

The School Principal, together with the Agriculture teacher, should download and comprehend the instructions for the 2024 KCSE Agriculture Project. Candidates must also receive copies of these instructions and scoring guides.

The 2024 KCSE Agriculture Project will focus on income generation with sub-themes including:

  • Planting and caring for trees
  • Growing a cereal crop under irrigation
  • Goat rearing
  • Rabbit rearing

Candidates should individually analyze the school community, identify a pressing problem, and choose a project from the listed options. Each candidate prepares and presents a video-recorded presentation outlining the project’s income generation and expected amount.

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In groups of up to five members, candidates discuss identified issues, choose one, and prepare a comprehensive project write-up. The write-up should cover various aspects, including the project’s title, introduction, objectives, description, implementation procedures, budget, plan, and evaluation.

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Groups make presentations to the school community, which are video recorded and kept as evidence. The first presentations and the initial draft of the project write-up should be completed by the end of Milestone I.

Final presentations and project write-ups, reflecting on experiences, successes, benefits, and lessons learned, should be completed by the end of Milestone II.

Candidates, with the participation of the school community, implement the chosen project. Actual implementation, such as tree planting or crop production, should commence by the end of February 2024.

Each group’s project should be identified by a poster indicating the group number, members, and index numbers.

Groups must maintain evidence of performance at different project stages in a portfolio.

Candidates will be assessed on various aspects, including portfolio maintenance, listening, speaking, collaboration, and project implementation.

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The school should provide adequate security for the projects.

The chosen project is considered an examination, and scores awarded by the Agriculture teacher must be objective and confidential.

The Agriculture teacher assesses each candidate’s project periodically using provided marking schemes and timelines.

Group scores are transferred to individual members.

All project assessment sheets are kept securely in the School Principal’s office and made available to the Agriculture teacher or authorized KNEC agents.

The School Principal or Deputy ensures scores are recorded in assessment sheets after every evaluation.

Candidate scores and pictorial evidence are electronically submitted to KNEC twice: Milestone I by March 31, 2024, and Milestone II by July 31, 2024.

The Agriculture teacher transfers individual scores to the Manual Mark Sheet, uploading scores and a photograph showing the project status to the KNEC Portal within provided timelines.

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Index numbers are entered in assessment and manual mark sheets in ascending order.

The KNEC Portal is accessible for score uploads from March 1-31, 2024, for Milestone I and July 1-31, 2024, for Milestone II.

The Agriculture Teacher submits a brief center report using the provided form.

Project implementation and assessment should conclude by the end of July 2024.

At the project’s end, the School Principal ensures all documents are filled, signed, stamped, and handed over to the Sub-County Director of Education by the first week of August 2024.

The Sub-County Director of Education forwards all documents to the Kenya National Examinations Council.

2024 KNEC Agriculture Project for KCSE: Milestone I, Milestone II

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