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2023 KCSE: Lesser-Known Schools that Upset Academic Giants

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2023 KCSE: Lesser-Known Schools that Upset Academic Giants

The 2023 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) results brought forth a remarkable narrative of triumph and surprise as little-known schools emerged to upset educational giants. In a landscape often dominated by renowned institutions, these unsung heroes defied expectations, showcasing academic prowess and resilience.

This unexpected turn of events highlights the transformative power of education and the potential for excellence to emerge from unexpected quarters. Let us delve into the stories of these lesser-known schools that made a significant impact on the 2023 KCSE stage.

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Mudasa Academy

Notably, Mudasa Academy in Vihiga County secured the second position in the country according to Teachers Updates data, just below Moi High School Kabarak, boasting a mean score of 10.40, with all 73 candidates qualifying for university admission.

Kisima Mixed Secondary

Kisima Mixed Secondary School in Nyahururu also made a significant mark, achieving a mean score of 9.8, ensuring direct university admission for all 35 candidates. Two students at the school attained an A plain, while eight scored A-, 11 secured B+, nine earned C plain, and five obtained B-.

Chemelil Sugar Academy

Chemelil Sugar Academy asserted its excellence with a mean score of 9.89, finding company in Lelwak Boys High School from Nandi County, which achieved a mean score of 9.566.

Kisasi Secondary School

Kisasi Secondary School in Kitui County celebrated its remarkable score of 9.2152, with only one out of the 233 students falling below the university admission threshold, as per Principal Mr. Francis Muthusi’s tabulation. The school showcased improvement from its 2022 mean score of 7.96.

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Muthale Girls High School

In comparison, renowned schools like Kitui School, Muthale Girls High School, and St Charles Lwanga School experienced varying performances. Kitui School, a national institution, recorded a mean score of 8.90, a drop from its 9.312 in the previous year.

Muthale Girls High School achieved a 9.063 mean score, while St Charles Lwanga School posted a mean score of 8.95, with 314 out of 318 candidates qualifying for university admission.

Matinyani Secondary School

At Matinyani Secondary School, a renowned academic achiever in the county, there was an air of uncertainty for the second consecutive day as students eagerly awaited the release of their KCSE results.

The school, having secured the top position in the Ukambani region during the 2022 KCSE, found some students encountering ‘W’ results on the Kenya National Examinations Council (Knec) portal, indicating that their results were withheld due to suspected malpractice.

Despite attempts to reach out to the principal, Mr. Nelson Muriithi, for comment, calls to his phone remained unanswered.

Matungulu Girls High School

In the adjacent Machakos County, Matungulu Girls High School was also fighting for the top spot, achieving a mean score of 8.15. The principal, Ms. Juliana Musaba, published a results tabulation revealing that out of 253 candidates, 215 qualified for university admission.

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Njia Boys High School

Njia Boys High School in Igembe Central, Meru County, celebrated its best-ever KCSE results, with 165 out of 235 candidates attaining a mean grade of C+ and above, marking a significant 70 percent transition to university.

The school, with a mean grade of 7.25, attributed its success to discipline and hard work, as highlighted by the principal, Mr. Alex Karuma.

Mutuobare Secondary School

In Embu County, Mutuobare Secondary School, a sub-county institution, saw 49 out of its 79 candidates meeting the requirements for university admission, securing a mean score of 6.8. Principal Mr. David Muriuki Ireri credited the accomplishment to the collaborative efforts of candidates, teachers, and parents.

Gedi Secondary School

Meanwhile, in Garissa County, Gedi Secondary School, situated in the heart of the Dadaab Refugee Camp, emerged as one of the top performers in the 2023 KCSE examinations.

Registering a mean score of 8.0 points, the school faced challenges such as a shortage of teachers, insecurity, and high poverty rates but remained resilient to achieve this notable success. The school, drawing its enrollment from the refugee community, showcased the determination to excel despite adverse conditions.

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These diverse stories from schools across various counties underscore the challenges, triumphs, and resilience within the Kenyan education system. Each institution’s journey in achieving commendable KCSE results reflects the dedication of students, educators, and administrators working against the odds to secure a brighter future through

2023 KCSE: Lesser-Known Schools that Upset Academic Giants

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