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20 Kenya’s Most Expensive Schools

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20 Kenya’s Most Expensive Schools

Private schools are becoming increasingly popular in Kenya, even among low-income families. The trend, which is being exacerbated by poor quality public education, is widening the country’s social divides.

Kenya’s societal schisms between rich and poor are nowhere more visible than in the country’s education system for children and teenagers. The chasm is visible in the mundane daily commute to school.

In Nairobi, poor children must walk a long distance to hopelessly overcrowded and under-equipped public schools. They frequently share textbooks and workstations.

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Children from slightly better-off families attend slightly more comfortable and well-equipped low-cost private schools. Some believe their prospects are likely to be better than those of public-school students.

Meanwhile, the privileged ones – the children of wealthy parents – travel in style in chauffeured vehicles to well-equipped schools with better-paid teachers, substantive curricula, and a wide range of extra-curricular activities. The super-rich of Kenya’s highlands even fly their children from their ranches to school, high above the congested roads.

As a result, the most expensive schools in Kenya are sought after by the upper and middle classes, who value investing in their children’s education.

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20 Kenya’s Most Expensive Schools

1. Kenya International School (ISK)

At the top of the list of Kenya’s most expensive schools is ISK, hosting nearly 1000 students from over 60 countries. Established as a collaboration between the governments of Canada and the United States, ISK operates as a non-profit organization.

The institution follows a North American accredited diploma curriculum. New students are subject to a $400 admission fee along with a one-time capital levy of $10.00 for covering capital expenses.

Finances for the 2023-2024 School Year at ISK

In the fiscal year 2023-2024, the International School of Knowledge (ISK) operates primarily on funds generated through tuition and capital fees. These fees are structured as follows:

  • Annual Tuition Rates:
    • Pre-Kindergarten: $18,450
    • Kindergarten: $29,200
    • Grades 1-5: $30,810
    • Grades 6-8: $32,200
    • Grades 9-10: $34,020
    • Grades 11-12: $35,370

Additionally, there are fees for other services:

  • Bus Fees: $2,200
  • Application Fee: $400
  • One-Time Capital Levy: $10,000
  • Annual Capital Levy: $1,500
  • Language and Culture Enrichment (LCE) Fees: $20,000. It’s important to note that this fee is paid in addition to the grade-level tuition fees.

This financial model ensures the operational continuity and quality educational standards at ISK for the academic year 2023-2024.

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2. Greensteds International School

Greensteds, a co-educational day and boarding school, offers the British curriculum from the early years to A level. Situated in Nakuru County, approximately 16 kilometers from Nakuru town and near Nakuru National Park, Greensteds charges KShs 49,500 for playgroup level enrollment.

First and second-year students are billed KShs 131,000, while boarders incur KShs 401,500. Boarding fees for grades 12 and 13 amount to KShs 848,000 per term, covering lodging, meals, and tuition.

The fees per term for day boarding students are as follows:
  • Playgroup: KSHS 53,000 (Day)
  • Crèche: KSHS 89,500 (Day)
  • Nursery: KSHS 102,000 (Day)
  • Reception: KSHS 102,000 (Day)
  • Years 1-2: KSHS 140,000 (Day), KSHS 424,000 (Boarding)
  • Years 3-4: KSHS 193,000 (Day), KSHS 472,000 (Boarding)
  • Years 5-6: KSHS 230,000 (Day), KSHS 543,500 (Boarding)
  • Years 7-8: KSHS 305,000 (Day), KSHS 678,000 (Boarding)
  • Year 9: KSHS 331,000 (Day), KSHS 751,000 (Boarding)
  • Years 10-11: KSHS 373,000 (Day), KSHS 814,500 (Boarding)
  • Years 12-13: KSHS 447,000 (Day), KSHS 895,000 (Boarding)

Regarding entry fees, the school imposes the following charges:

  • Admission fee: Non-refundable
    • Early Years (Crèche to Reception): KSHS 25,000
    • Residents (Years 1-13): KSHS 50,000
    • Non-Residents (Years 1-13): KSHS 200,000
  • Caution Money: Refundable (one-time payment)
    • Early Years: KSHS 20,000
    • Years 1-13: KSHS 50,000
  • Development Levy: KSHS 10,000
  • Activity fee: Per term
    • Years 1-6: KSHS 2,500
    • Years 7-13: KSHS 4,000

There’s also a surcharge for science subjects at the A-Level, amounting to KSHS 5,000 per term.

3. St Andrews Turi

Located in Turi, between Nakuru and Kericho, St. Andrews Turi is renowned for its exceptional education and firm Christian principles.

20 Kenya’s Most Expensive Schools In 2024
20 Kenya’s Most Expensive Schools In 2024

Compassion, integrity, and courage are the institution’s core values. Nursery school students pay KShs 171,000 per term, while boarding students in grades one and two pay KShs 650,000.

Furthermore, students pay a 50% deposit on term one’s boarding fees, which is refundable upon departure. In addition, the school provides a 5% discount on basic costs for second and subsequent children.

Basic Fees per Term

The basic fees per term for various stages of education are as follows:

  • Pre-Preparatory
    • Nursery: 189,000 (Day)
    • Reception: 377,000 (Day)
    • Years 1 & 2: 377,000 (Day), 717,000 (Weekly), 754,000 (Full Boarding)
  • Preparatory
    • Years 3 & 4: 509,000 (Day), 746,000 (Weekly), 784,000 (Full Boarding)
    • Years 5 & 6: 547,000 (Day), 798,000 (Weekly), 840,000 (Full Boarding)
    • Years 7 & 8*: 589,000 (Day), 861,000 (Weekly), 906,000 (Full Boarding)
  • Senior
    • Year 9: 625,000 (Day), 914,000 (Weekly), 963,000 (Full Boarding)
    • Years 10 & 11*: 678,000 (Day), 990,000 (Weekly), 1,043,000 (Full Boarding)
  • College
    • Years 12 & 13*: 733,000 (Day), 1,072,000 (Weekly), 1,128,000 (Full Boarding)

Additional Charges

Apart from basic fees, there are other charges to consider:

  • ‘The Shop’ at Prep School (per term)
    • Year 1 to 4: 2,400
    • Year 5 & 6: 2,800
    • Year 7 & 8: 3,000
  • Pocket Money & Tuck Shop Senior School (recommended level per term)
    • Years 9 to 13: 9,000
  • Non-Residents of Kenya Pupil’s Pass
    • Charged at cost
  • Optional Extras – 10 lessons per term (examples below):
    • Notice to cease an Optional Extra must be given to the School in writing before the end of the previous term.
    • Piano Tuition (excluding ABRSM exam fees): 29,600
    • Other Instrumental Tuition (excludes ABRSM exam fees): 28,400
    • Horse Riding: 21,000
    • Tennis Coaching: 11,400
    • Speech & Drama (LAMDA) (excludes exam fees): 15,800

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4. Brookhouse School

Founded in 1981 in Langata, Nairobi, Brookhouse is a co-educational independent British curriculum day and boarding school offering early years, preparatory, and secondary education.

Fees range from Kshs. 345,000 to Kshs. 4,125,000 per term. Year 11, 13, and IFY annual fees range from Kshs. 2,550,000 to Kshs. 4,125,000. Enrolment requires a non-refundable fee of Kshs. 45,000/= in addition to completed forms and supporting documents.

5. Peponi School

Established in 1989, Peponi School is a prestigious co-educational boarding school based on the British Independent School system and Christian principles. Full boarders are charged KShs 1,115,180 for admission, while weekly boarders pay KShs 1,053,175.

Parents are also required to pay a refundable caution deposit upon admission. Day pupils incur charges of KSh. 730,275.00/- for Years 7 and 8, and KSh. 865,000.00/- for Years 9 – 13. These fees apply per term, with three terms per year.

Hillcrest International School
Hillcrest International School

6. Hillcrest International School

Located in the Karen suburbs of Nairobi, Hillcrest International School originated as a pre-school in 1965, gaining international recognition in 1972. It follows a British Curriculum and comprises three sections: Hillcrest Primary School, Hillcrest Preparatory School, and Hillcrest Secondary School.

Parents pay a tuition fee of KShs 645,900 for admission to the preparatory school, while early years students spend approximately KShs 330,450. Additionally, there are fees for transportation and a caution deposit upon admission.

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7. Braeburn Imani International School

Part of the Braeburn group of schools, Braeburn Imani School is an international co-educational institution located in Nairobi, Kenya. Situated on Mang’u Road (Exit 16A off Thika Highway), it caters to students aged three to eighteen.

School fees for the playgroup category amount to approximately KShs 189,600, while Grade 13 students pay a basic fee exceeding KShs 1.2 million. Additional charges apply for meals, transportation, and boarding fees.

20 Kenya’s Most Expensive Schools In 2024
20 Kenya’s Most Expensive Schools In 2024

8. Gems Cambridge International School

GEMS School, situated in Karen and operated by GEMS Education, aims to inspire students to become knowledgeable leaders with a global perspective.

Offering the British National Curriculum from kindergarten to Grade 13, the school charges approximately KShs 551,204 for pre-kindergarten students and KShs 1,640,343.46 for Grade 13 students. Additionally, Grade 13 students incur a weekly boarding fee of KShs 547,554.

9. The Banda School

Located in Karen, Langata, on Magadi Road, directly across from the Nairobi National Park, The Banda School provides a British education system.

Early years students pay between KShs 225,000 and KShs 280,000 per year, while year one to eight students are charged between KShs 380,000 and KShs 645,000 per term, as stated on the school’s website.

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10. Kenton College Preparatory School

Based in Kileleshwa, Kenton College Preparatory School offers a purposeful and happy environment for children aged six to thirteen.

Although a fee structure is not available on the school’s website, students typically pay about KShs 675,918 per term.

11. Rosslyn Academy

Rosslyn Academy, situated in Gigiri off Limuru Road, is a private Christian international school offering the North American curriculum from pre-school to 12th grade.

Parents interested in enrolling their children must pay KShs 1.5 million per term, along with a $100 non-refundable registration fee and a $1000 deposit per child.

12. German School in Kenya

Located on Limuru Road, opposite Village Market in Nairobi, the German-speaking establishment offers engaging holiday activities and sports facilities for students.

Tuition fees range from 10.867,00 € for primary school students in grades one through four to 12.737,00 € for students in grades five through twelve.

13. Rusinga School

Nestled in Nairobi’s leafy Lavington neighborhood, Rusinga School follows the British National Curriculum and is founded on Christian principles. Tuition fees vary, ranging from KShs 133,350 for kindergarten to KShs 521,850 for A level.

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14. Woodland Star International School

Woodland, a Limuru kindergarten and pre-preparatory school, follows the American curriculum for education. Tuition fees differ based on attendance frequency, with primary school fees estimated at $4,440 per term for students in years one through four.

15. Stem International School

Located in Nairobi’s Karen neighborhood, Stem International School offers an American curriculum and emphasizes Christ-centered, 21st Century leadership. Tuition fees range from $2372 per year for elementary students to $3794 for high school students.

16. The Nairobi Academy

Founded in 1976, The Nairobi Academy offers the British National Curriculum from kindergarten to secondary education. Pre-preparatory learners pay between KShs 80,000 and 140,000 for admission, while high school fees range from KShs 270,000 to 960,000.

17. Light International School

Situated in Nairobi’s Karen neighborhood, Light International School provides programs from kindergarten to A level. Tuition fees range from KShs 120,000 for kindergarten to KShs 445,500 for grades 11 to 13.

18. Cavina School

A British Preparatory School in Nairobi, Cavina School serves children aged three to thirteen. Prospective students pay a one-time registration fee of KShs 5,000 and an annual tuition fee ranging from KShs 210,000 to KShs 699,000.

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19. West Nairobi School

Located in Nairobi’s Karen neighborhood, West Nairobi School charges a $185 admission fee and an average annual tuition fee of KShs 600,000 for prospective students.

20 Kenya’s Most Expensive Schools In 2022
20 Kenya’s Most Expensive Schools In 2024

20. Woodcreek School

Woodcreek School, situated on Kiambu Road, is a progressive, multicultural, Christian value-based day school offering education based on the British Curriculum from kindergarten to high school.

Tuition fees vary according to the grade level: Year one students pay KShs 184,000 per term, while year ten students pay KShs 302,500.

Students at the A level incur a termly fee of KShs 637,875. Additionally, students must pay a refundable caution fee, the amount of which varies according to the class.

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This list of 20 Kenya’s Most Expensive Schools In 2024 will guide you as you make the critical decision of where to enroll your child. These schools provide high-quality education and a safe learning environment, preparing your child for the professional and business worlds of today.

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