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10 Best National Girl Schools In 2022 Ranked By Performance

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10 Best National Girl Schools In 2022 Ranked By Performance

10 best national girl schools in 2022 ranked by performance.
While the government has enhanced tens of secondary schools to national status, the majority are still unable to compete with the old academic behemoths.
Furthermore, some schools have not consistently produced good results over the years. 
Kenya’s top national girls’ schools 
The best national girls schools in Kenya are ranked based on a variety of criteria. However, their performance and infrastructure are also important factors to consider.
The following are the best national girls learning institutions in terms of 2021 results and consistency: 
1. Kenya High School
Kenya High was founded in 1910 as Nairobi European School. In 1931, it was converted into a girls’ institution for only Europeans. However, in 1961, the school admitted its first African student, transforming it into a multiracial educational institution. It has since grown to become one of Kenya’s most diverse schools.
Kenya High, in addition to its rich culture, is one of Kenya’s best schools. Kenya High has consistently ranked among Kenya’s top ten secondary learning institutions over the last ten years. Kenyan high school students wear grey skirts with white shirts and orange and back striped ties, according to photos. They won the KCSE 10.467 in 2020.
2. MaryHill High
Maryhill Girls High, located in Thika, Kenya, is one of the best girl schools in the country.
While the primary goal of the institution was to educate mixed-race girls who could not attend African or European schools, it is now open to all bright students.
The school is also a haven for students who want to participate in extracurricular activities like drama and sports.
The educational establishment has produced impressive results for more than three decades.
The KCSE results at Maryhill Girls’ High School, for example, range from 8.5 to 10.6. As a result of these outstanding results, it is one of Kenya’s schools with the highest number of university admissions.
They scored an average of 9.92 points.

3. Alliance Girls High

Alliance Girls High School (AGHS) is one of Kenya’s best national schools in terms of performance.

10 best national girl schools in 2022 ranked by performance

Alliance Girls High
AGHS has produced impressive results since the mid-1980s when 8-4-4 was introduced. In 2011, for example, it was the second-best school overall.
Aside from its academic achievements, AGHS has affiliations with prestigious universities and colleges.
Every year, the institution assists students who are applying to colleges in the United Kingdom, the United States, and South Africa.
The AGHS students are also popular candidates for some of Kenya’s most prestigious degree programs. In the 2020 KCSE exams, they received a score of 9.92.
4. Moi Girls’ Eldoret
Moi Girls’ High is a prestigious institution that ranks among Kenya’s top national high schools.
In the last ten years, they have outperformed some of the traditional academic giants. They had a mean score of 9.65 points in 2020, for example.
Furthermore, despite having one of the largest student populations, the institution has consistently maintained a top ranking on national examinations.
Moi Girls’ High– Eldoret’s school culture and facilities make it an ideal choice for high achievers.
Furthermore, its clubs and societies provide students with holistic development as they transition from high school to university.
5. Pangani Girls
Pangani Girls is one of Nairobi County’s best national schools. Since its implementation, the 8-4-4 system has performed admirably, making it an excellent choice for KCPE high achievers.
Over the last two decades, the school has produced top students in the country’s national examinations.
The learning centre has remained at the top for two reasons. For starters, the educational institution employs some of the best teachers in the country.
Second, the university has the best educational facilities in Nairobi. As a result, in the 2020 Kenya National Secondary Examinations, they received a mean score of 9.56.
6. Kianda School
Kianda School is a private, all-girls day school with a Catholic ethos located in Nairobi, Kenya’s Westlands neighbourhood.
The Kianda Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of Kenyan women through education and Christian values, founded the school in 1977.
The institution had a mean of 9.53 in 2020.
7. Nakuru Girls
In the early 1920s, Nakuru Girls began as a European learning centre. However, it is currently a national school, and students from all over Kenya can apply.

10 best national girl schools in 2022 ranked by performance

Nakuru Girls
Based on KCSE results, it is one of the best secondary schools in Kenya. Aside from academics, the national education institution has a large number of corporate partners.
Despite the fact that it is a government learning center, the partners play an important role in assisting the institution with various projects such as construction and scholarships. 
8. St. Brigids Girls High School, Kiminini.
St. Brigids Girls High School is a national educational institution in Sabaoti, Trans Nzoia.
Despite having one of the most prominent student populations in a national learning center, it has consistently produced impressive results since the early 2000s.
In 2018, for example, despite having over 250 students registered for exams, it had a mean score of B+.
The impressive results are not by chance. St. Brigid’s Day is associated with the discipline.
Furthermore, the institution has one of the best learning environments due to the strong bond between teachers and students.
9. Riara Springs
Riara Springs, founded in 2000, provides a holistic education that focuses on the intellectual, emotional, psychological, social, spiritual, and physical development of girls.
The girls are encouraged to become critical thinkers from the start, in an environment that fosters self-confidence and self-reliance.
Their KCSE score for 2020 is 9.2.
10. Moi Tea Girls High School
Moi Tea Girls High School is one of Kenya’s best girls boarding schools.
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It has achieved outstanding results over the last 15 years and competes with some of the greats.
Although the student population is small in comparison to most national tuition establishments, Moi Tea is an excellent choice for students seeking holistic development.
It has a thriving culture and a plethora of nightclubs.

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10 best national girl schools in 2022 ranked by performance

Moi Tea Girls High School students
10 best national girl schools in 2022 ranked by performance

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